One of the things that I have been telling my students in both my PR Cases class as well as in my online PR class for WVU is to be a successful public relations professional in 2010 and beyond, you have to have two things going for you.  First, you have to be an innovator in the latest trends and technologies.  Meaning, when a new platform or social media network site is being discussed among others that you know, you need to check it out and see how you can implement it into your practice and campaigns for your clients.  Another way to keep up to date with the latest trends is look at what the professionals and experts are discussing that they feel is relevant or “up and coming” in the field.  For example, Brian Solis recently wrote a post discussing how the mobile Internet market is going to be stronger than the desktop market (ex. computers).

Solis states “For marketers, Apple has reset the market by empowering brands and developers to mine an entirely new channel to reach existing and potential customers, advocates, and influencers. You can expect to see brands increasingly exploiting popular apps as well as creating branded experiences in the Apple, Android and eventually in the Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Palm platforms as well. VW’s launch of its new GTI exclusively on the iPhone and iPod Touch as an app was as groundbreaking as it was telling,” (Solis, February 3, 2010, para.4).  For public relations professionals – this is key to know and so we can be proactive in learning the new applications that are being used on the iPhone, Blackberry, and other Smartphones, how people are using these to get information and making new relationships with others and brands, and what types of applications people are looking for in their professional and daily activities.

Also, there are certain traits and characteristics that mark a successful public relations professional working with social media.  Mashable recently had a good post that discusses the essential traits that someone in 2010 needs to have to be successful in the digital realm.  From establishing mutually beneficial relationships to taking risks to being a digital trendsetter, these are all good things to know for a public relations professional today.  We need to be aware of what are the expectations of fellow professionals and businesses for the PR professional today.

So, in summary – to be successful in getting a job and establishing your reputation as a force to be reckoned with – you need to be a digital trendsetter, someone with strong social skills both online and offline, have confidence to take every opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, and be an active learner.

Hope you all are having a great day!

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