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Launching new social media series to showcase current & former students w/ #ProudProf

One of the things I note to all of my classes as I begin of the semester is the fact that I am a big Harry Potter fan (who isn’t?!!), and I hoped not to be referred to as Professor […]

Detecting Faux Influence: Do’s & Don’ts in Social Media Influence

One thing you may have seen over and over again in the social media field is the rise of influencer use in campaigns and the integration of influencer marketing within the field.   I have done some research into social […]

Incorporating new social media tools in the classroom

Most of my fellow colleagues are back in school starting their fall semesters. This is the time of year where we are all getting started with our courses, going over our syllabi, and meeting new members of our academic communities […]

Social Media Certification Programs: Our SxSW Edu Panel Proposal!

Last year, I was able to check off an item off of my professional bucket list: present and attend SxSW Edu in Austin, TX. I absolutely loved the atmosphere, discussions, and network connections from SxSW Edu last year. It was […]

Reflections on #AEJMC15: Enlightening learning and professional experiences

The last few days have been a complete whirlwind of discussions, research findings, and enlightening conversations. The AEJMC conference did not disappoint at all – in fact, I am amazed with all of the activities, people, and experiences I got to […]