The power [and keys] to social media influencers

We have seen influencers being integrated and used across the board with various campaigns for brands, cause related marketing initiatives, and also sponsored content coming across on social media. We have seen many posts discussing the rise of influencer marketing […]

Snapchat and the Kentucky Derby: Best practices and #SMSports lessons

The Kentucky Derby is nothing like anything else you see in sports. In Louisville, we pretty much have events surrounding the event a month out in advance. From festivals to the mini (which I ran this year!) to galas (Unbridled […]

Three years of teaching social media: Lessons, reflections & best practices

We finished the spring semester this past week, and it made me realize I have been teaching at UofL now for five years, but finished my seventh year teaching at the college level. It’s been a lot of fun and […]

#Thrower2Runner: Running in a mini marathon and lessons learned

It has been ten years since I competed in track and field and I wanted to do something I had never would have imagined doing before. I felt this was a pretty big occasion and needed to be celebrated to […]

Hootsuite and Social Media Measurement: Presenting at BEA in Las Vegas

April has been a busy travel month for me (and it’s not over yet!), but I have had the chance to go to a conference I have never been to before and experience the wonder, excitement, and awe of the […]