#SB50 & Snapchat: Takeaways and Lessons for #SMSports and PR

I felt there were a lot of takeaways from this year’s Super Bowl, and based on what we have seen via social media, the brands and advertisers did not disappoint. There were of course a lot of comments and points […]

Setting the bar high for #SMSports: Great collaborative efforts by XGames and Team USA

It was fun for me to follow what the XGames team as well as the social media team for Team USA were doing for the event. I have been a big fan of the work Adam Moussa (ESPN/XGames) and Joey […]

Integrating Snapchat into Assignments & Class Activities for Professors

I have been truly amazing and also excited to have seen the reaction this past week to the Snapchat virtual session I for #Freberg16 with a few of my former students. As I have expressed to many of my colleagues […]

Hosting a Snapchat Q&A Virtual Session for Social Media Class

It is that time of year where we can have any type of weather rolling into Louisville. This week alone, we have had two snow days for class, meaning, I have had to be a bit creative with how to […]

Social Media and Sports Takeaways from CFP

As I have written about in previous posts, I have been super impressed with not only the creative innovation Clemson’s team has done online, but they have truly captured the attention, excitement, and heart of social media sports. Professionals, fans, […]