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Reinventing PR: Inspirational ideas and points from Stephen Waddington

I have a list of favorite and must read blogs I usually check out and read on a regular basis. Some are social media related, but there are others that are focused on PR, crisis communications, and even sports and […]

Exploring the opportunities with Shocase: A new social media platform for PR and marketing professionals

In order to be relevant and keep up with the trends we are seeing in the business of PR, social media, and marketing – there are certain blogs and resources we have to be aware of and review on a […]

#FrebergAlum meets with #Freberg15: Paying it forward in social media

I had a chance to bring forth four amazing, talented, and really awesome former students of mine to my social media class. This is the second year I have been able to do this for my social media class and […]

Providing real-world experiences in social media classes: Social Media Campaign Proposal Assignment

I have been a big supporter of providing students with real-world, applied, and integrated projects they can use as part of their portfolios as they enter the workplace. Several of my students this semester have not gotten the chance to […]

A social media professor / millennial / researcher view of social media

I think most marketers, public relations professionals, and even professors have read the viral post that was written by Andrew Watts on Medium a few weeks ago. danah boyd, who I respect as a researcher and have cited her work […]