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Show me your personal brand!: A social media professor’s perspective

If you have not missed the ongoing conversation that is evolving on social media about personal branding, you are missing out. It is the topic a lot of social media marketing professionals are discussing, which started off with a Twitter […]

Heading to the Cannes Lions!

I have always been a big believer of investing in your professional career and education. As a professor, there are some events, festivals, and even conferences you have on your bucket list you want to go and see what it […]

From influencer to distractor: Next steps to consider for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become such a key component in social media campaigns. Influencers are driving action from other key audiences for brands, initiatives, and even cause related campaigns.¬†Creators and influencers are becoming more mainstream as brands integrate them into their […]

I will and always will be #AllIn: Behind the scenes with Clemson Social Media

I am writing this post and thinking about the best way to describe this past weekend. This has been one of the hardest posts to write for me in all of my years of blogging because it’s hard to truly […]

Analyzing the VaynerMedia & Thrillist Party Situation from a Crisis Communications Professor’s Perspective

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the biggest names you see right now in the new technology and social media sphere. His presence on and offline is pretty impressive. He is always on and really has established his brand to be […]