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Embracing opportunities and gaining inspiration at NCA 2014

I have been in Chicago these past few days for a communications conference – this has been one I have attended a few times over the years. The first one I did was back in 2010 when I was still […]

Lessons learned after a successful #PRProfChat for AEJMC PRD

One of the things we have done as part of the AEJMC PRD social media committee is to initiate a Twitter chat series within the division. We have done two previous chats on different topics this past year, and both […]

Establishing personal branded hashtags is essential for #prprofs

Hashtags have been around for years – we see them all over the place when it comes to campaigns, events, newsworthy events, and even there is a hashtag video that features an entire conversation with hashtags. Here’s the classic skit […]

Collaborative efforts promoting paper to practice for social media and crisis research

Over the last few months, Kristin and I have been working with the great teams at both Firestorm Solutions and Hootsuite to integrate some of the research we have been doing using both situational qsort methodology as well as value […]

Sharing insights on social media research and teaching from a PR professor’s perspective

If I had to describe how this past week has been, it’s been busy! However, it has been very rewarding and exciting especially in the area of social media education. I had a chance this week to talk to two […]