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Creating self-made social media professionals

Social media as a profession is very interesting compared to other industries. Because it is still relatively “new,” there are some people who have been around the industry for years, and then there are others that are just getting their […]

Got Tenure? This #SMprof just got it!

I want to share with you some personal and exciting news. I am proud to say I have gotten the official word I received tenure with promotion. I shared the news yesterday on all of my social media accounts because […]

United Airlines Crisis: PR takeaways & social media insights

If you have not heard about what happened on Sunday with a passenger on United Airlines, here’s the overview of the case and how it keeps evolving and changing. We have see the tweets, articles, and “5 things the United […]

Welcome to the Future of Television: Never Settle Show has launched!

Welcome to the future of television. I would like to talk to you all about a show that will be changing how you view talk shows, and how this could really open up doors for brands, professionals, and students to […]

[Teaching] the social media mindset

Teaching is one of the best professions to be in. I am forever thankful for the decision to become a professor to be able to mentor and help the future generation get their start in the field of their choosing. […]