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Implementing social media applications outside of class on the national stage

It is finals time here at the University of Louisville, which means exams and presentations are all coming together. I do share with my class the fact that professors do not all come together and see whether or not we […]

Jason Falls shares new media trends and thoughts to #Freberg15

We had our last guest speaker visit us today, and it happened to be Jason Falls. Jason is one of my all-time favorite professionals and colleagues in the field. I had a chance to meet him in person for the […]

Reflections from #Freberg15: A professor’s perspective

We are going to be entering our final week of the semester and I asked my students to reflect on their experiences in #Freberg15.¬†Since I first taught the class back in 2013, there have been some protocols and changes I […]

Embracing your differences & bringing your “weird” to work: Guest lecture w/ Mark Murdock

As the end of the semester comes to the end, we are finalizing the our projects and finishing up the content for the class. However, I am still having several guest speakers come by my social media class and share […]

5 ways for professors to use Periscope in and out of the classroom

We have seen a huge increase in the use and buzz surrounding Periscope, Twitter’s new live streaming video application. I wrote about the implications and uses of Meerkat and how PR professionals (and professors) could utilize these applications for their […]