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#ProudProf Feature: Maggie Cunningham, Social Media Community Manager for Kindred HealthCare

Another start to the week, which means it is time for another #ProudProf feature. This time, I would like to future a student who is probably one of the best writers I have had in class. There are students you […]

Creating video infographics for social media classes with Biteable

We are seeing more students coming into our classes who want to learn how to create visual content for social media – whether these are videos or infographics – we as professors have to explore and test out some of […]

#ProudProf Feature: Tyler Murray, Director of Digital Marketing of HawaiiCon

Another week goes by, which means it’s time for another #ProudProf feature of a former student. This student truly is one of the most creative, hard working, and outgoing individuals I have had in a class. I can always count […]

What #SMSports & PR professionals can learn from Clemson Athletics

One of the things I have been trying to do more often than not is try and meet some of the great colleagues and people in real life. This is a professional bucket list for me and over the years, […]

Incorporating gifs as part of your social media class strategy

Gifs (or otherwise known as graphic interchange format) have been around for ages it seems like when it comes to social media practices, but we are seeing a lot more focus, discussion, and features associated with these and how they […]