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The [Magic] of #FrebergAlums: Building a community of former social media students

I have always been a big, big believer of bringing guest speakers to my classes, especially the social media class I teach at the University of Louisville. It’s one thing for me to share my own experiences and insights on […]

Content may be King, but the rest of the Court [Passion, Distribution, and Strategy] are also key

They saying that you hear a lot of times is how content is king. This can be applied in various contexts and situations, but I think the most recent cases have involved how this can be used for social media […]

The benefits & challenges for PR pros to note regarding wearable technologies

We are seeing pictures and articles written about one of the emerging areas to consider in the realm of new technologies – referred to as wearable technologies. What exactly does it mean when we talk about wearable technologies? These are […]

Can We Network Mobile App: Business Networking Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Sponsored stories and posts are so early 2012 – 2013.  We have seen this all over the place on Facebook as well as promoted tweets on Twitter.  What will companies think of next?  What about sponsored networks?  What if you […]

6 ways to incorporate Vine into PR & Social Media Classes

Vine has been integrated and discussed across various industries since it was launched just a few weeks ago.  From PR to Fashion to brands, many people are getting on board with the app and test it out. While there has […]