More businesses and public relations professionals are actively thinking of new ways to reach their customers and other target audiences in a more strategic and inventive way. From being fans of the company or brand on Facebook to following them on Twitter, to now being reached by a touch of a button on your Smartphone with mobile marketing.

However, the question arises for me is whether or not these social media actions really are creating these long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships? Is mobile marketing a trend, or will it last for the long run?  An interesting post on PRBreakfast Club mentioned that there were some that used mobile marketing and really liked it – while others felt that their phone was their “private sanctuary.”

We are social beings, and we are actively looking online to search for information, make connections, and create dialogue an issues that are important to us.  In other words – in today’s economy, materialistic items are not the prize that everyone is going after – it is the experiences and relationships that people that are making that will be the most valuable.

Public relations in many ways encompasses many aspects – we have to be aware of the key messages that we are sending as well as the relationship between an organization and their publics.  We also have to make sure that we have the right mindset when consulting and researching social media – we have to become the expert as well as making sure that the content is there.  Sure, you may have the most sophisticated web site with fabulous video clips or images – but if you don’t have the information or content that is strategic and insightful – then you are going to face some uphill challenges. Having a visually appealing web site with great content allows you to be an effective and influential visual storyteller.

So, in the long run – will social media and mobile marketing work in establishing these great relationships with customers and others?  Or is mobile marketing just the new “it” thing to do?  Well, personally – I use my phone (Palm Pre) to connect with friends and family, organize my busy schedule with school and research, and get information online.  I would say that I wouldn’t necessarily want to be spammed with tons and tons of information from companies and brands – but there are a few that I would be interested in their mobile marketing campaigns – for example, like Under Armour, Jenny Craig, US Army, etc.

So – I believe that it all depends on the customer and target public you are trying to reach.  If they are active on their phones and get all of their information directly sent to them – then a mobile marketing campaign is the way to go.  However, it is important to make sure that you don’t do it just because everyone is doing it – it has to be tailored and relevant to not only your stakeholders, but your company’s overall mission and purpose for business.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,