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To hustle, or not to hustle? Exploring the boom of the hustle mentality in social media today

What I think is interesting is the fact Jay and Gary bring in two different views and perspectives on what it means to hustle – but one thing I think is missing from both perspectives. I had a chance to […]

Teaching Social Media Webinar w/ Hootsuite: What an amazing experience!

Today, I had a chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do, and that was to be part of a Hootsuite webinar. They do so many each week on a lot of topics and I have participated in some […]

#HootChat: A great Twitter chat focused on discussing social media trends

Twitter chats have been a staple form of learning new tools, engaging with fellow professionals, and sharing points of view on a variety of different topics. This Thursday, I will be a guest on #HootChat, Hootsuite’s Twitter chat from 12 […]

Teaching Social Media Webinar w/ Hootsuite for Professors

We are seeing more social media classes being offered at universities than ever before. However, how do you get started? What are some opportunities and challenges you need to be aware of before you even begin teaching social media? What […]

Honored to be named a 2015 Plank Center Fellow

One of things educators always want to make sure they can do is to bring forth current trends, real world applications of principles from the workplace back to class, and connect students with leading professionals in the field. To have […]