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Integrating Snapchat into Assignments & Class Activities for Professors

I have been truly amazing and also excited to have seen the reaction this past week to the Snapchat virtual session I for #Freberg16 with a few of my former students. As I have expressed to many of my colleagues […]

Hosting a Snapchat Q&A Virtual Session for Social Media Class

It is that time of year where we can have any type of weather rolling into Louisville. This week alone, we have had two snow days for class, meaning, I have had to be a bit creative with how to […]

Social Media and Sports Takeaways from CFP

As I have written about in previous posts, I have been super impressed with not only the creative innovation Clemson’s team has done online, but they have truly captured the attention, excitement, and heart of social media sports. Professionals, fans, […]

Let the social media journey begin: #Freberg16

This will mark my third year teaching social media at the University of Louisville (fourth overall). I am very excited to have a great group of students who are going to be working with two amazing clients this semester and […]

2016 PR and Social Media Resolutions for Professors

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a joyful and wonderful 2016! As I was writing this post, I realized I started my personal blog ten years ago in June 2006 after I finished competing in track and field for USC. […]