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Facebook’s Blueprint Certification Program: Another great resource for PR professors

We have seen a rise of social media certification programs over the years. One of the ones I have been a huge fan of of course is Hootsuite University, providing students with the great opportunity to learn and grow as […]

Three down, one presentation to go for March 2015: Upcoming presentation in Greece

March has been one busy [but fabulous] month for me in terms of not only my teaching and consulting, but also for my research presentations. Most of the time, my conference schedule over the summer has been usually packed and […]

Meerkat: Benefits and challenges to consider for PR professionals

One of the biggest buzz apps right now, thanks to SxSW, has been Meerkat. At first, I thought we were talking about the meerkat animal, but what we are looking at is the app that has been captivating marketers, PR […]

How I learned to stop worrying & love social media in the classroom: My story

One area I am very passionate about is of course social media pedagogy. I do think we are working, teaching, and practicing in a very exciting time for public relations. Along with presentations and guest lectures, I have done some […]

Exploring the future of PR & Social Media: A great guest lecture with Deirdre Breakenridge

One of my all-time favorite PR professionals (and friends) is Deirdre Breakenridge. PR extraordinaire. Blogger. Professor. Podcast Host. Keynote Speaker. Author. The list goes on and on – Deirdre has truly done it all! I remember the first time we […]