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February 12, 2010

From getting the news to following the Winter Olympics: The evolution of mobile applications and PR

It appears that people are really getting on board with the mobile applications and using them for various reasons.  A recent post by Mashable discusses a study that was conducted by Flurry that discusses what are some of the activities people are using their smartphones and applications for.  The top results included applications for entertainment, news, games, lifestyle, and social networking.  The two leading mobile products that were looked at in this research study included the iPhone and the Android.

Flurry Study Results on Mobile Application Use (2010)

Another trend that we are seeing is more integration with traditional media and non-traditional media for events and campaigns.  We are also seeing more mobile applications and web site tools for these events as well.  For example,  Yahoo! recently established a mobile site for the Winter Olympics so people can get the latest information, statistics, and news stories regarding about the different sports.

What will be interesting to see is how people will be using these applications when dealing with a crisis situation.  Are companies going to have applications set up in place just in case of a crisis situation.  What will be included in these applications?  How will these applications be designed?  These are some things that I think that public relations professionals need to consider and possibly recommend for their clients and agencies.

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