Pictured above is the famous John Cacioppo and my mother working social media at a convention! My mother was selected as one of the top 50 social media professors! How cool is that!

“Blogging can be hard work, especially when it comes to delivering good quality content on a regular basis. The key phrases there are “quality content” and “regular basis.” We’ll leave it up to you to decide on the timing of your content. Some small business blog writers find that two or three times a week is sufficient.

There are others who publish two or three times a day.  If you aim for daily, you’ll at least have the search engine visiting your site daily, and we know that fresh is best if you have the quality.

The main issue then is quality content.”

“This is the key. Imagination with a healthy dose of practicality. You can make great AR experiences when you combine the two to make something people find engaging and adds value.”

“Everyone’s talking about Instagram after the recent $1 billion Facebook acquisition, in just 2 years the app has aquired more than 50 million users. Here’s a nice infographic that shows some pretty impressive stats as Instagram heads toward the 100 million users milestone.”

“Employment trend watchers have been pinpointing the sectors where jobs are anticipated to increase forever—every five years the BLS projects its own outlook and sites like our list what’s become old news: that careers in a handful of sectors (most linked to technology, a growing concern about the environment and an aging population) are on the rise while others continue to falter. But are they new occupations or simply new ways of meeting existing needs?”


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