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updates in social media and pr for 5 october 2012

Here is what I am reading today: PR is a ‘caffeinated’ profession? “Members of the PR industry must be easing off their caffeine addictions. The third-annual Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder study found that public relations is now the fourth-most caffeinated […]

readings in social media for 10 august 2012 #aejmc12

Although my late Uncle Leroy (Sievers) was a journalist’s journalist, he saw the value of the new media in reaching a broader audience and in different ways. While executive producer at Nightline he wrote a widely read blog and he […]

Progresso BPA #Crisis Challenges: Rising concerns reigning on social media

Progresso appears to be dealing with a crisis at the moment with regards of BPA, or other words the industrial chemical bisphenol A, which has been reported to be in their cans.  BPA has been linked to several different health issues […]

Preparing the “MOH” Speech: My speech for Kristin and Scott’s Wedding

In my profession, I give a lot of presentations and speeches in my role as an assistant professor.  From teaching classes to presentations at international conferences, I am used to giving speeches in front of many people.  However, I had […]

Friends, Family, & Social Media Wedding: Congrats to Kristin & Scott Saling!

This past week has been SUPER busy and fabulous!  I had a chance to go down to Orlando to be part of my older sister’s wedding.  Kristin and Scott got married on Thursday at the Wedding Pravillion at the Floridian […]