Do YOU Zorb??

Here’s what I am reading today:

My latest article in PR Comprehension of PRSA:

“It seems like the entire world (or social media world at that) is discussing the new launch of Google +, which is the social networking site that is the answer to Facebook.  Some say that it is going to be the site that will transform how we search for information and how it truly emcompasses the social life as we know it, but there are others that still say that there are some issues with the site that need to be explored further in development.  It is still in the initial invites stages where a few professionals and individuals are on, and there have been several interesting posts, articles, and reports on how this new social networking site will do in this arena.”

“Most people don’t have the social steam to power a presence on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Sure, there are handy apps like Twitterfeed and Hootsuite that can help spread one post to all of your networks, but that ignores the individual strengths and weaknesses of each platform.”

“Dipping your toe into the job market? You’ll want to make sure that a questionable tweet and Facebook photos doesn’t prevent you from landing a job.  According to a 2009 survey by CareerBuilder, 45 percent of companies use social media to screen potential candidates. (It’s safe to assume that number has grown since the survey.) A recent infographic from Mindflash highlights five social media moves you could make to ensure you don’t get hired. “

“Lately I’ve seen QR (quick response) codes popping up everywhere. They are being used as a marketing tool for businesses, ticketing, labeling, and even as wall decorations in the Lab42 office. When scanned on a smartphone, these 2D barcodes can direct you to a website, text or phone number. My colleagues and I at Lab42 wanted to find out if people were just scanning these codes with their eyes or if they were stopping to scan them with their phones. And if they were stopping, what makes certain codes so scan-worthy? In true market research fashion, we decided to gather some quick responses of our own.”