here is what I am reading today:

“The University of Louisville Athletic Department kicked off a comprehensive social media strategy this week, including an assortment of new initiatives includes partnerships with local and national companies, community engagement, and online campaigns.

Among the new social initiatives is a strategic partnership with the newly launched collaborative video app, Ptch. Incubated by DreamWorks Animation, the iPhone app allows users to quickly and easily create multimedia mash-ups, or “Ptches”, up to 60 seconds in length using the photos and videos from their iPhones and social feeds. Ptch users can then stylize this content with filters, themes and music to share and collaborate with friends and family online.”

“The importance of visual appeal continues to dominate the social headlines this week as hot on the heels of Klout’s makeover, Kred has announced a total site revamp that hopes to move the idea of social influence beyond “mere numbers and scores”.

Many bigger brands are no doubt already au fait with the benefits of both of these influence-measuring platforms and should be, in theory, using them to uncover powerful voices, gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns and keep tabs on the competition.”

“Considering we did one for Facebook, it was only fair that we give Google+ the same treatment. While it’s taken a bit of flak when it first started up, Google+ offers a wide range of features that you can’t find on Facebook or Twitter. High quality images, hangouts, rich multimedia and the ability to use GIF files for the cover photo are just some of the things brands can take advantage of. If you want to see the best ways to use Google+ for your brand, here is a collection of the best Google+ brand pages out there.”

“In a blog post this morning about the new profile pictures, Twitter Product Manager Sachin Agarwa added:

“New profiles also help you get to know people better through their pictures. Photo streams now appear below anyone’s most recent Tweets on iPhone, Android and iPad. Swipe through the stream to see the photos other users have shared or tap any thumbnail to view their photos in fullscreen.”

The social network also announced a new Twitter for iPad app as well as updates to its iPhone and Android apps. “

“Remember when we said that Google Glass needed Gucci and Prada to reinvent its tech as cool? Well, apparently they took the advice pretty literally.”

“It’s college football season, so we’re turning the spotlight on nine of the country’s great college football towns. Interesting hotels, excellent dining (from donut trucks to steakhouses) and unique attractions allow travelers to make a well-rounded mini-vacation out of a trip to the big game. “

“here’s a new way the cookie crumbles for OREO cookie fans at Dunkin’ Donuts® and Baskin-Robbins® this summer. To help OREO celebrate its 100th birthday, Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, and Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, have introduced a sweet collection of OREO inspired treats”

 -Who are the social media influencers?: A study of public perceptions of personality

Author(s), Title and Publication

Freberg, Karen; Graham, Kristin; McGaughey, Karen; & Freberg, Laura. (2011). Who are the social media influencers?: A study of public perceptions of personality. Public Relations Review, 37, 90-92.

Social media are about establishing a virtual community, where individuals can share information with each other in an open source environment, and create a virtual dialogue between all echelons of organizations and individuals. A mature public relations literature has identified the characteristics of effective spokespersons, but relatively little is known about audience perceptions of the social media influencer. The California Q-sort technique by Jack Block was implemented among 32 undergraduate students. The q-sort identified core perceived attributes of four sample social media influencer: Brian Solis, Deirdre Breakenridge, Charlene Li, and Jeremiah Owyang.”