louisville kentucky

Here is what I am reading today:

“Content-sharing site Pinterest has been surging in popularity. The bigger it gets, the more responsibility it has to ensure that copyrighted content doesn’t show up on its site.”

“AN effort to update the definition of public relations for an age of social media and spin doctors suggests why many people think the public relations industry could use some help with its public relations. “

“Pinterest is quickly becoming social media’s new darling, though its greatest strength may also be its greatest weakness.

A popular stat, mentioned almost hourly, is that pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, youtube, and LinkedIn combined and beats Reddit as a referrer. Topically, this is very exciting to individuals and brands alike. It actually gets marketers salivating. But is this really a good thing? Will Pinterest turn into one big advertisement?”

“It seems the days of having to use your imagination to make immovable toy figurines talk and move are numbered, thanks to augmented related technology. Qualcomm have partnered with educational organization Sesame Workshop  to create an augmented reality experience which brings Sesame Street favourites Bert and Ernie to life on a augmented reality board when viewed though a tablet’s camera.”

“WHEN Anne Klein shut down its designer line in 2008, Eileen McMaster was among the fashion professionals there who found themselves without jobs. After years of working long hours, she took some time off, turning her attention to improving her health, becoming a Pilates instructor and wellness consultant along the way. “

“Gamification means bringing the mechanics of gaming to other content, and Foursquare is an oft-cited example of a publisher that’s executed it effectively. While Foursquare has stayed true to its core identity as a location-based service, its leader board, badges and specials unlocked through the act of checking in are addictive to some users. It follows that brands should look to incentivize users with rewards where they can, and there are interesting applications for customer-loyalty programs.”

(mom would be so proud!)