I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a webinar panel focusing on visual storytelling and PR practices for PR News this afternoon.  I was extremely honored to be part of a group of leading PR professionals in the industry.

I was asked a few weeks ago to be part of this webinar and I was very excited about being part of it.  Not only was I able to discuss a key trend happening in PR and social media, but I also was able to take away some good lessons regarding visual storytelling and learn what goes into hosting and being part of a professional webinar. Overall, it was a wonderful learning and professional experience for me.

So, what goes into creating and being part of a PR News webinar?  Well, all of the speakers had to create their presentations to share with the webinar attendees as either a PDF file or a PowerPoint file.  Since of course this was a visual storytelling webinar, I used a lot of visuals, graphics, and images to illustrate my points.

One of the things I wanted to do as well is to make sure to provide the attendees with information and additional resources to look at regarding visual storytelling.  From Pinterest and Instagram analytics to links to additional mobile app and infographic resources, I wanted to make sure I provided a good list of sites for the attendees to use and explore further.

Getting prepared for the PR News Webinar on Visual Storytelling

Steve Goldstein of PR News served as our moderator (and did a great job managing the questions from the audience and overseeing the webinar) while Scott Meis (Weber Shandwick) and Lindsay Kniffen (Cisco) were the other two panelists.  What was my role in the webinar?  My presentation focused on introducing the concept of what is visual storytelling along with what are some key characteristics and best practices to use for a variety of tools.

The most popular we have seen in the profession has been of course Pinterest and Instagram, but I was able to discuss infographics a bit more as well as touch on mobile apps like Ptch and Vine.  In fact, I was able to create a vine video just before the webinar, and Scott created one with all of presentations for PR News. Thanks, Scott!

Scott and Lindsay both did an amazing job with their presentations.  I really enjoyed hearing Scott’s perspective on how he and his team at Weber Shandwick were able to really capture upon the stories and visual elements for a variety of brands and campaigns.  Lindsay did a nice job in presenting what Cisco is doing internally and externally with visual storytelling on Pinterest, Instagram, and infographics.

We had a lot of attendees at the webinar and they asked some great questions about the importance of visual storytelling.  It was great to hear various perspectives and best practices from everyone in the webinar and address questions afterwords as well. PR News is really providing a wonderful opportunity for PR professionals to continue exploring and learning emerging trends and have this discussion with fellow professionals in the industry.  For me, it was a wonderful experience and I was also taking notes as well!

A big thanks to both Scott and Lindsay for a great presentation in the webinar, and a special thanks to Steve and the PR News team for this wonderful opportunity and organizing this great webinar event. If you are interested in seeing what other webinars are available from PR News, you can check out this link and see what is coming up.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,