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#ProudProf Feature: Maggie Cunningham, Social Media Community Manager for Kindred HealthCare

Another start to the week, which means it is time for another #ProudProf feature. This time, I would like to future a student who is probably one of the best writers I have had in class. There are students you […]

Creating video infographics for social media classes with Biteable

We are seeing more students coming into our classes who want to learn how to create visual content for social media – whether these are videos or infographics – we as professors have to explore and test out some of […]

#ProudProf Feature: Tyler Murray, Director of Digital Marketing of HawaiiCon

Another week goes by, which means it’s time for another #ProudProf feature of a former student. This student truly is one of the most creative, hard working, and outgoing individuals I have had in a class. I can always count […]

What #SMSports & PR professionals can learn from Clemson Athletics

One of the things I have been trying to do more often than not is try and meet some of the great colleagues and people in real life. This is a professional bucket list for me and over the years, […]

#ProudProf Feature: Lizelle Lauron of the Dallas Mavericks

Another week getting started means another #ProudProf student feature! The next former student I would like to feature is one of the most driven and hard working students I have had, and one who has truly become legendary among my […]