It is March and this can mean only one thing.  Spring Break?  Well, yes – most universities and schools have a week off before they conclude their studies for the spring.  St. Patrick’s Day? There is that of course.  What I am talking about is March Madness for basketball.  It is the time of year where teams come together to play intense games and compete with each other on the court.  You just never know who will win! 🙂

Social media in particular has really changed how fans, students, athletics, coaches, and the media interact with each other as well as sharing news, updates, and visual stories in real time.  However, as Chris Syme has discussed on her blog, there are many challenges that have come up for universities when it comes to social media use among athletes.  Definitely check out her blog posts on the subject – Chris really provides some great strategic and insightful points on the subject.

In the meantime, we have conference championships going on at the moment, so UofL is off in New York playing in their last Big East Tournament before joining the ACC Conference.  The Cards have done very well in basketball this year, but they are really setting themselves apart from other programs not only for their talent, but for their strategic application and use of social media.

The UofL Athletics team really did a great job a few months ago with providing a social media hub for the Sugar Bowl.  This time around, they have created a centralized hub where fans, students, media, and others can see what is going on via social media.

If you want to have the latest updates, pictures, Ptchs, and other content in real time from the Cards, make sure to follow Nick Stover (UofL Director of Social Media for Athletics). Nick has done a great job with the social media content and really showcasing the various stories, updates, and information about the team in real time.  I have also had a chance to have several of his interns in my classes at Louisville as well – a great group of hard working young professionals.  Keep up the great work in social media!

In summary, March Madness is an exciting time for universities all over the country.  It is a time to showcase the stories behind the scenes and the overall experiences at the event for others to witness and participate in.  If you want to see a university that is doing a great job at this, definitely check out Louisville.  Go Cards! 🙂

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,