Got an app?  Well, there is a new fabulous service that allows you to create your own app – for free.  Yes, I did say for free.  Yapp allows you to personalize and create your own app for a variety of events.  It also allows you to really personalize the application specifically towards your event.  Here is a great overview of the app from Mashable.

How did I find out about this app?  Well, my older sister Kristin has become such a social media queen (which makes me so proud!) and shared this new app with me.   Kristin first shared this fabulous new app to me when she created her own app for her wedding this upcoming June.  That is totally Geek Chic in my opinion!  If you want to learn more about how Kristin created this app for her wedding – check out her great review of the Yapp app on her blog!

There are certainly many ways you can use the Yapp app for a variety of events and functions.  Here are a few events that might be useful to create an application for:

  • Weddings:  Of course, this is what Kristin has done with Yapp, and it is a great way to make sure that everyone has the most updated information, connecting them with details of the overall schedule of the wedding procedures (this is very handy), and it allows users to comments and interact in a social way with others who have access to the particular application.  Fabulous!
  • Graduations:  We are coming up towards graduation season for many families and students.  What better way to keep everyone informed about what is going on for the graduation ceremony, directions to the event, and after parties to celebrate these grade accomplishments.  I wish I had this last year when I graduated with my PhD! 🙂
  • Conferences:  What a great way to get people aware of what is going on at particular events if you can’t afford to design your own app. This is a great way for academics to use these for their events to highlight presentations, schedule changes and updates on social events, as well as interact with the social media coordinator for the event.
  • Event Planning for Professional Events:  Thesis presentations, dissertation defenses, campaign presentations, are just a few ideas of how this can be used through Yapp.  What a great tool for students to use and get familiar with not only creating a free app, but tying it effectively to promote a particular event that would be relevant for their particular course work.  Plus, they can include this as part of their online portfolio.
  • Promoting guest speaker series:  If you have a time where you want to let others know about upcoming guest speakers coming to your campus or company, what better way to keep people informed by having an app for your events to broadcast when and where these guest presentations will occur.

In summary, Yapp appears to be a wonderful new app that allows people to personalize their own applications for their particular events.  Whether these are professional events to social events, you can do it all with the Yapp application.  It is free to download off of iTunes.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,