Blogging in many ways is considered to almost be “traditional” when it comes to social media practices.  In the latest report titled “The State of the Blogosphere 2010,” it appears that blogging is still popular not only in the United States, but also around the world.  What this also states is that it has definitely become an expectation for students, researchers, and professionals to not only understand the fundamentals of blogging, but have experience writing and creating a blog. In addition, blogging offers a range of opportunities to network with businesses and professionals, establish your online reputation within a particular industry or discipline, practice your writing on topics that interest you, and many more reasons!  These are just a few reasons why I have thoroughly enjoyed having a blog for the last four years:

  • Blogging allows you to practice your writing skills: To be  a good writer, you have to practice writing.  Blogging allows you to do this in a very easy and manageable platform.  Personally, I have seen my writing evolve and change for the better since I first started – and this has translated to more insightful and organized papers.  It also allows you to be expressive and creative that can set you apart from the rest of the public relations students, researchers, or professionals out there with similar blogs.
  • Blogging opens doors and network opportunities: I would have to say that this is the number one reason for me to have a personal and professional blog.  Since I have started writing on my blog and talking about issues and trends within public relations and social media, there have been many different networking opportunities that have come my way.  From consulting opportunities to job offers, to making new networking and professional relationships – it has been a wonderful way to build new connections and making new friends around the world.  I have made friends and connections through readers who have contacted me after reading one of my blog posts at both conferences and meetings.
  • Blogging is part of what makes your online reputation: I had written a post a while ago discussing the pyramid of how to manage your online reputation, where the foundation of who you are online is your main website – this is where you have your basic information, resume or CV, and pictures showcasing who you are as a person and professional.  However, your personal blog is your online voice – people will get a sense of what you are interested in, what are you passionate about, and it allows you to share with others your thoughts and insights about a particular issue or situation as well.  Also, your blog could become part of what makes you different from the rest of the professionals, students, and researchers out there.  Blogs present a particular image of your online personality – and  this is showcased in a virtual form in different formats.  Whether it is presenting a video blog post of yourself or how you write  blog posts – all of these elements make up your online personality. There have been several events and conferences I have been to where I have had people say “you are the girl with the PR/Social media blog!” – which is pretty cool! 🙂

In summary, blogging has many benefits to it and can open many doors for professionals.  Yet, it is key to point out that blogging takes resources, dedication, time, and you have to put the time and energy into making it a very engaging, positive, and unique site that makes you different from everyone else in your discipline or industry.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,