I am amazed with how fast this year has gone by – it just seemed like yesterday I was just about to defend my dissertation at the University of Tennessee and accepted my current position at the University of Louisville.  As of today, I have officially completed my first year of being an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville.  I have completed my last final and finished grading my writing portfolios for my class – fabulous! 🙂

Showing a few of my friends my new home in Louisville, KY!

My first year has been extremely fabulous – and I do owe it all to my fellow colleagues and students.  The Communications Department at the University of Louisville is such a supportive group of professionals, students, and staff members – I have truly felt welcomed and supported.  My students have also been great as well.  I had the chance to teach our Introduction to Strategic Communications course (a combination of Intro to Advertising and Intro to PR) and our Strategic Writing course.  Both have been a lot of fun for me since we talk about everything from the foundations of both Advertising and PR, and then get hands on experiences writing for various types of mediums.  Of course, I have to discuss social media within strategic communications and have the students work on social media writing projects.

During this past year, I have also been creating a new course for the Communications Department involving New Media – which not only focuses on social media, but also other emerging technologies available for strategic communications professionals.  I will be teaching this next year, and I have already been told that students are waiting in line to register for the class (which is pretty cool!) It will be open for both undergraduate and master students at UofL.

Louisville is also a great city to live in as well – in many ways, it is a big city but feels like a small town.  Everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is very positive and upbeat.  Plus, there are a ton of activities to do around the city – especially this time of year with the Kentucky Derby happening next weekend!  Super fab – still have to get my hat of course! 🙂

Possible hat candidate for the Kentucky Derby 😀

Overall, my first year at Louisville has been amazing.  I have been able to do some great research during my first year, teach some fun classes, and be part of an energetic and positive academic community.  Here is to more fabulous years to come and I am proud to be part of the Louisville community.  Go Cards!

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

Best Wishes,