It is interesting to see how some disciplines evolve over the years.  From new definitions and influences to new emerging specializations coming up that showcase exactly what the field is at the present moment.  Public relations is facing this very issue of adapting a revised definition for the field and profession.  It appears that the last update for the definition was back in the 1980s, so PRSA has initiated their new campaign back in December to create a new definition for PR, which will be announced in February 2012.

What is the future of PR?  What really is the role of a PR professional in business today?  Edelman President Richard Edelman shares his insights in this video posted below:


There are currently three finalists for the definition considerations for PR – and what I was interested in seeing was the role of strategic communications incorporated into one of them.  Strategic communications is not only focused on PR practices, but it also includes Marketing and Advertising integrating together for an integrated communication program.  I would be interested to see if Advertising or Marketing are also considering adding the strategic communications component to their definition.  In addition, the role of facilitating the conversations to be more of a social connector and curator is becoming more apparent with the increase of use in new media practices.

While technologies may evolve and advance, we do have to keep in mind some of the traditional and fundamental practices and influences of the field.  We have to be able to bridge the past with the present and be prepared for the future by recognizing the inevitability of evolution and change for the profession.  PR professionals have to also realize that the elements that define a field are those working behind and in front of the term Public Relations.  Like how they say regarding reputations for companies is who is working behind the logo – the same principles can be attributed to PR.  PR professionals have an influence on how to PR profession is perceived and defined.

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