There are many posts discussing the top apps for PR professionals when it comes to how to stay connected with social media, how to create photos and videos using particular editing software, aggregation of news and information, and other actions based on their needs and interests. One of the challenges to all of this is the fact that there are so many apps that are being created, it is hard to keep track of all of them and determine which ones would not only be useful personally, but which ones would be helpful in your professional career?

So, based on reading some of these posts, I thought I would share with you all some of my top apps I use for not only research purposes, but also to manage all of my social media activities professionally and personally:

Social Media

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare:  These are the basic and “traditional” social media platforms you will want to make sure to have uploaded on your phone to make sure you stay  connected with audiences.
  • Mashable:  A must have app to follow all of the latest news about trends, issues, and case studies related to social media from campaigns from major brands.
  • Skype:  Great tool of course when you are traveling internationally – all you need to do is be on a wireless connection and you will be able to chat with friends, family, and others on the go.

Photosharing & Editing

  • Instagram:  Photos are definitely one of the biggest trends we are seeing today in 2012 and many individuals and businesses have jumped on board with this site.
  • Camera+:  One of the best photo editing apps I have seen – well worth the cost. In addition, you are able to edit and share these pictures across social media platforms.
  • InstaFonts: This app allows you to write text on your Instagram photos – nice way to 1) put your name on your image so others know who first created the app and 2) allows you to creatively title each photo in a visual way.
  • FilterMania2:  Great app to use for editing your photos with various filters.  This can really transform your pictures you take into clear masterpieces.  There is a paid version and a free version on iTunes, so just keep this in mind.
  • 360:  This app allows you to take a panoramic view with your photos.  This is great to use to showcase specific locations and events (ex. landscapes, iconic locations, events like football games, etc).

Augmented Reality

  • Blippr & Layar: Great tools we have seen many brands use to promote their various products through this augmented reality application.  These apps have been very popular especially in Europe, but there is great potential for campaign use here in the USA.

PR Apps

  • Ptch:  Great storytelling app that combines both video and pictures into a tailored short clip to share across social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc).  This app is the ultimate storytelling app for PR professionals across areas.  One example you may want to look at is how Ptch is being used at the University of Louisville Athletic Department.
  • Ragan News: Great app to follow the latest news from PR.
  • MarketingProfs: This app allows you to get connected with various posts, podcats, and other features related to the topics you are interested in following.
  • Dropbox: If you want to be able to share and upload documents on the go to a centralized location, this is an app for you.  Sharing research articles, presentations, etc – this is a great app to have for collaborating with others through this mobile app.
Crisis Apps
  • Disaster Alert:  This app allows you to follow various alerts that are happening around the world ranging from earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.
  • Hashtag:  If you would like to follow a particular hashtag (assigned or organically created), this is an app that allows you to do this on the go.

Aggregated News Apps

  • Flipboard: Great app to follow key conversations via Twitter and Facebook, but also has the option to share and comment on these articles via Twitter or Facebook when you share them.
  • Zite:  Awesome app – great to personalize what you would like to follow in terms of topics in real-time.
  • Pulse: Another good app to use to aggregate news and interests you want to follow and share with others in your social media community.

Hope you all are having a great day.

Best Wishes,