I have always been a fan of going to the movies. Whether it is with family or friends, it is always full of fun and entertainment. The recent movie I went to see was Monsters University, a cute animation movie by Pixar. I really enjoyed it – so much so I had to take a picture with Sully and Mike from the movie (classic!)

What struck out to me with this particular movie were some of the underlying messages that it presented to the audience. There were some I thought would be relevant to PR professionals, especially young students. Here are the five lessons I feel Monsters University gave that can be translated to PR practices today:

  • There are multiple routes to your goal: To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into the details from the movie, but it does present the characters learning how there really is no one way to go and achieve your goal. 
  • Taking a new approach is what sets you apart from others: Why do what everyone else has done? How can you set yourself apart from the crowd in a proactive and positive manner? This was the case for both Mike and Sully in the movie.  PR students and professionals need to look at what is out there, and determine what skills and expertise they have that is different from others. Everyone has a story and perspective to contribute.
  • Talent alone can’t make you successful – you have to work hard and be persistent: This is so true, and something both Mike and Sully realized when they were attending MU in the movie. For PR professionals, you can be the best writer or strategist out there, but if you do not train and work hard each day, you will be beaten by someone that has both talent and hard work.
  • There are going to be people who will not accept you, no matter what you do: Fraternities and sororities in MU were very selective on who they wanted to be in their group. We have to realize this as PR professionals – not everyone is going to like who we are and what we stand for. So, it is key to find your supporters and true community members and friends to be successful in the field.
  • You have to be adaptive in order to survive: Mike and Sully had to adapt to the circumstances and challenges thrown their way in the movie. However, they were able to pick themselves up and move on.  You have to evolve and be open to options and other circumstances that may change this. PR students have to be open to this as well. The key is to keep your eye on the prize.

In summary, I think MU had not only some good highlights in the movie, but it had some interesting messages we can look at and apply in our work as PR professionals. Persistence, hard work, and being able to adapt by looking at multiple routes to a goal is going to be some of the main elements for PR professionals, both young  and established, to consider for the future.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,