It’s amazing that is has been five months since I have been a Google Glass Explorer. It just seems like yesterday where I was collecting Glass down in LA with my Dad. It’s been a wonderful adventure and really been a privilege to be part of the program.

This year, I have used Glass at conferences but also shared my experience through guest lectures and even been highlighted in a few publications such as the AEJMC PRD Newsletter. It’s also been fun to bring Glass into the family with Mom (the original Dr. Freberg) joining the program as well!

Google Glass has recently updated several of their feature and of course expanded their Google Glass Explorer base to become even larger.

What are some of the additional ways we can see Glass be integrated for PR, social media, and even research/teaching purposes? Here are some of my ideas on the topic that I plan on incorporating for the upcoming school year (especially for guest lectures):

  • Initiate more Google+ Hangout features: What a great way to showcase your point of view in a class lecture or even a research presentation by inviting people to hear you speak from your point of view. Of course, you have to consider who you will invite to be part of this and how to record this to share on YouTube, but the possibilities here are great!
  • Building communities: As more explorers get into the community, the more opportunities there are to network and brainstorm with fellow professionals and those who have an interest. It’s all about sharing stories and experiences on how you have used Glass and what were some lessons learned from this process. In essence, this would be a great case study to look at and explore whether you are in social media, teaching, or in research/practice. For students, giving them an opportunity to reach out and interview a Google Glass Explorer would be great for them to experience.
  • New apps or proposals for apps: What a great way to engage with the students in the classroom (and community) by exploring how they can use Glass but also come up with some great apps in the process. Brainstorming some of these ideas would be a great classroom exercise for the students to participate in especially since Glass is a key trend to watch for 2014.
  • Evolution of Google Glass Etiquette: This is going to be something to consider adapting as more explorers get to be part of the program as we see more cases like this appear in the news. One thing that could be initiated in the classroom (especially for my fellow friends who are professors) is to have students write up not only a social media policy, but a Google Glass Etiquette policy for a business, individual, or company to consider. It would be interesting to see what the students come up with in this exercise.
  • Facial Recognition Development & Implications for Teaching/Research: This is an interesting development that both can serve for both social and research studies to explore for the upcoming year. The growing concern over Glass with privacy issues will continue, and the announcement of an app that does facial recognition is going to be a huge discussion in society. Exploring this particular feature and analyze this from a behavioral and psychological standpoint may be interesting.

Overall, it’s exciting to see how Glass is being used – not only in society – but even among my friends. Several I know have been part of the Google Glass program and it’s great to see their articles, pictures, and videos of their experience. This is what it is all about! I am looking forward to seeing more creative ways and uses for how to use Glass both in the classroom and out – as well as sharing the experience through research and practice.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,