Can You read this QR Code? Qr codes can be fun!

Here s what I am reading for today:

Hangouts for the hearing impared

“A couple of weeks ago at Dreamforce, HubSpot made quite the impression. We dressed in bright orange track suits, handed out thousands of unicorns, and performed individual website consultations for people using Website Grader. But at a conference with 42,000 attendees, it takes more than a great marketing strategy to reach people and make an impression. You have to provide ways to get them the information you want them to receive.”

“Nothing has been a hotter topic of discussion in online marketing circles in 2011 than QR codes. You literally can’t have a discussion with a marketer these days without the topic coming up. Personally, I’ve been awfully hesitant to recommend them to clients for various reasons. But, after a discussion at a local marketing/PR event recently with some colleagues, I started to revisit the tool and learn more about potential uses and implications for the brands I work with.”

“Remember when Monopoly City Streets launched? It went crazy over night, sunk server farms and created a new wave of addicted adult gamers the world over. So what would happen if you made that same Monopoly game… say, real?

Well, a few students have pulled this great little concept together for a project, with a mashup of Foursquare and monopoly style interface. I think the idea is so cool, they should actually be able to turn this into something legitimate if they can talk to Hasbro, who should be jumping all over it. Imagine playing a real-world version of Monopoly where ever you went, 24/7? Link in corporate partners to create a virtual rewards platform redeemable for real world objects and currency and this thing would have a cult following in no time!”

“UPS proved today it isn’t afraid to poke fun itself.

The delivery service opened a New York press event by showing a popular College Humor video, “How UPS Deliveries Actually Work.” The video shows a UPS guy stealthily waiting until a woman leaves her home, so that he can run up to her door and leave one of the infamous brown, yellow and white UPS InfoNotice slips. The woman returns, and in disbelief, says, “Attempted delivery three times?! But I was only gone 20 minutes.””