the many uses of qr codes

QR Codes are definitely moving from traditional presentations (billboards, magazine advertisements, posters) to multimedia formats like video for public relations professionals and researchers.

This can be done through a screen shot in a movie clip, or even presenting a QR Code during a television show, which Jimmy Fallon did recently by showing a QR Code with the URL for a band playing on his show where people can scan and go directly to their website. Other brands have jumped on board with implementing QR Codes in their advertisement, including the recent Audi Japan commercial which created the largest QR Code Ad in the world.  Plus, understanding the function and importance of mobile tagging for public relations / social media / mobile marketing campaigns is essential as well for 2011 and beyond.

This is an interesting integration and use of QR Codes, and I would be interested to see if people appearing on various shows for interviews or features will integrate this to include information for people to scan and go to a particular website to get further information, interacting with particular audiences in a new way, get a coupon to bring to a store for a particular product, or donate directly for a particular cause.

Other features include putting a link to your resume or CV (which I have done on both my website and blog :)), link to presentations and other multimedia presentations for people to look at, further information regarding the client or issue in a report or study, and many more specifically for PR professionals.

Overall, QR Codes are a great resource and tactic to use for PR professionals to integrate the communication and sharing of information with their various publics, provide useful resources for people to get on the go through their mobile devices, and feel engaged and connected with the particular brand with this innovative form of technology.  It will be exciting to see what future PR campaigns and research projects come up with QR Codes and other mobile applications!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,