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Establishing a [new] Social Media Class: Introducing #FrebergSM

The life of a social media professor is both absolutely fabulous, but also challenging to meet the expectations that are being made by both the profession, and universities. Let me rewind back a bit. I have been teaching the social […]

#RedskinsSocialDay Recap from a Social Media Professor

I had a chance to go to the Washington Redskins Social Media Day. This was an opportunity for fans and social media professionals to be part of a great event for a day. Not only did a I really enjoy […]

Huge opportunity for #PRProfs: Plank Center Fellowship Research & Teaching Lessons

There have been many lessons learned in the past two weeks that truly have made this experience with the Plank Center truly life changing for me professionally as well as personally. One of the responsibilities I had as a Plank […]

Is social media losing the “social” component to it?: Not necessarily

There are a lot of benefits for Twitter for students, professionals, and even professors. It provides a virtual community where people are able to share perspectives, brainstorm ideas, and network with others sharing the same interests and perspectives. I have […]

7 memorable social media campaigns for 2014

As we are entering the end of the year, we are most likely going to see some favorite social media campaigns and examples being shared and discussed that have captured the attention, heart, and emotions of society. With this being […]