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Understanding methods & collaborating with others to solve the mystery surrounding Social Media ROI in Public Relations

One of the primary lessons and points I have communicated and shared with both my students at the University of Tennessee and in the IMC Graduate Program at WVU is the fact that research is definitely important before implementing a […]

Old Spice Social Media Campaign: Engaging, interactive, and a great example of how to do a PR / Marketing Campaign well online

Recently, there have been some brands that have been lableed as being the ones to look at in terms of best practices in social media – whether it is with Foursquare (Starbucks) to Twitter (Dell and Best Buy) to Facebook […]

Coffee+Social media = FABULOUS!: How Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are leaders in social media

As many of my friends and family know – there are certain things that definitely make me happy and feel absolutely fabulous.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, travel to new places, cooking, and photography.  But, there […]

From getting the news to following the Winter Olympics: The evolution of mobile applications and PR

It appears that people are really getting on board with the mobile applications and using them for various reasons.  A recent post by Mashable discusses a study that was conducted by Flurry that discusses what are some of the activities […]

Quantitative or Qualitative Perspectives?: Which one is best to have for social media research for public relations professionals?

Social media measurement is indeed a hot topic among the public relations community.  Professionals and researchers are actively searching for ways to collect and observe what is occuring in the social media realm in terms of key messages, tweets, sharing […]