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Finding yourself through travel adventures

In preparation for my upcoming trips, especially the one to Paris [not necessarily a business trip – more like a mini vacation].  I have been watching several movies to get prepared for the lovely scenery, cuisine, and atmosphere of Paris. […]

Another Freberg is heading to South Africa!: Dad’s Safari Adventure

It is not every day you hear someone go, “I am heading to a safari… in South Africa!”  Well, this is what I heard from my Dad this time last year – and what is amazing to see is the […]

The 00’s were quite the decade – fabulous family experiences, colorful track career, travel adventures, and two degrees!: Bring on 2010!

I am amazed that another year has gone by, and another decade as well.  I remember when everyone back in 1999 was talking about Y2K and preparing for what may or may not happen when we came into the 2000’s.  […]

Learn a culture by its cuisine: South Africa & Amarula Carrot Cupcakes

In my last post, I had mentioned the importance of investing in your future by participating in an international internship program or work abroad.  By living in another country, you really get an inside look into what it is like […]

Food and Social Networking with new friends

One of the things that I love about having a web site, blog, and interacting through social media is that it is a great opportunity to network and meet new friends.  I have had my blog up now for almost […]