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Creating our own Legacy and Relevancy in the PR Field: Reflections of NCA

Over the past few days, I have been busy attending one of the largest communication conferences we have in our field. There have been a lot of great discussions and takeaways from my time at NCA (National Communication Association)’s annual […]

Establishing a [new] Social Media Class: Introducing #FrebergSM

The life of a social media professor is both absolutely fabulous, but also challenging to meet the expectations that are being made by both the profession, and universities. Let me rewind back a bit. I have been teaching the social […]

Teaching research integrates the key to bridging practice and education

I recently saw this post Eric Stoller shared about how teaching might be more important than research for universities. I do think there are some arguments that would either support, or even disagree, with this statement, but I would say […]

Viva Creativity in Las Vegas: A social media professor’s experience at EDUMax and Adobe MAX

I have a confession to make. I just returned back to Louisville, and  I have been to a conference where I did not even want to step out and explore the city. This was a complete first. I did not […]

EUPRERA reflections on the importance of creativity, social media education, and networking

I just got back from London where I presented two research papers (one with Sabrina Page and another with Ai Zhang) and also chaired a session at the EUPRERA conference. It has been a few years since I was at […]