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Tips and suggestions for creating a “social media dream team” for academics

As an assistant professor, there are several responsibilities we have in order to get tenure at our respective universities. We have to of course produce research that is published in well respected journals, and we also have to be great […]

Presenting in collaborative crisis strategy webinar w/ Firestorm Solutions & Hootsuite

In just a few days, I will be participating in a great collaborative partnered webinar on social media and crisis communication strategy. This partnership will involves both Firestorm Solutions and Hootsuite – which is very cool. Kristin and I are […]

Creating an engaging community for practice and research: Reflections on experience at BledCom and Slovenia

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind in terms of getting engaged in not only PR research, but also traveling. I have been in Slovenia for the last few days to attend and present at the BledCom Conference. […]

Tips and best practices for graduate students entering the 21st century of being professors

I think what is challenging for professors today with this perspective is that it is not just the field and profession of PR that needs to get a seat at the table for senior leadership and businesses. It’s about getting […]

Being professional does not mean boring: Showcasing best practices for standing out for professors

I got inspired to write this post by my sister Kristin’s post on her blog about how you can be professional but not boring. Awesome insights on this, Kristin – because this is SO true. Being passionate about what you […]