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readings in social media and pr for 12 february 2012

Here is what I am reading today: social media scores in Superbowl! “Whether you spent yesterday in a crowded establishment with strangers or in a cozy living room with close friends, many of us were busy watching the biggest game […]

UPDATES in social media and pr for 25 January 2012

Here is what I am reading today!: going viral! “If you’ve ever been watching a movie or attending a concert and someone’s ringtone interrupts the proceedings, you’ll appreciate this video that’s recently gone viral on YouTube. As Slovakian musician Lukáš […]

Social media firestorm for Papa John’s over receipt heard around Twitter & social media

With every business and company, you have to be aware of all of the potential crises and issues you may experience – even those that you feel have no chance of happening whatsoever.  Not being proactive in addressing these types […]

social media and pr readings for 27 december 2011

Here is what I am reading today: your on-line reputation! “Just as important as monitoring what other people say about your business is being mindful of what content your company puts online. To build a good online reputation, you need […]

New Job Marketing & Reputation Trend for PR: Augmented Reality Business Cards

Professionals today are thinking about ways to showcase their skills and to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd with the use of new media and technology.  First it was to have a presence online with a website and […]