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June 29, 2006

Trackshark Introduces Athlete Blogs

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Tom Borish has announced a new feature for his college track and field website Trackshark. Starting in the Fall of 2006, professional and collegiate athletes and coaches can have their own blogs hosted by Trackshark. For more information, take a look at Tom’s blog page. By the way, we like the new, brighter look of the site.

Tom offers some good advice for athletes who might want to participate. Before signing on, take a look at these questions:

– Are you willing to update your blog at least 2-3 times per month?
– Can you elaborate more on your training other than just what you did at practice?
– Do you think the viewing public will be generally interested in what you have to say?
– If you are a professional athlete, do you think a blog will help your sponsor?
– If you are a coach, do you think a blog will help your program and university?

If we can offer a suggestion, Tom, 2-3 times a month isn’t very much. We know athletes in college are already pretty busy, but most people are going to want to see more! 

This is a great opportunity for athletes and coaches to let the fans get to know the people behind the events. Congratulations, Tom!

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