QR Codes & Crisis Communications: How to integrate new mobile technology into traditional crisis message strategies and tactics

One of the areas that I am active in both research and consulting is in crisis communications with new emerging technology, and so it is interesting to see how various forms of technologies are being implemented in communicating, sharing, and […]

readings in social media and pr for april 9th 2011

Here is what I am reading today: facebook in china “According to TechRice, Facebook will be partnering with Baidu, the largest search engine in China, valued at $50 billion. That’s if Hu Yanping, founder of the Beijing-based Data Center of […]

Eat, sleep, tweet, mentor, and repeat: Importance of mentoring in Public Relations

One of the roles that we have as professionals and scholars in public relations is to be a source of information for not only the field and in research, but also in academic activities.  Mentoring is one thing that I […]