Floyd Landis is using a different strategy to get his message across to people– the Internet. 

Landis has posted documents and even a powerpoint presentation on his web site about his crisis.  Even though it has been a couple of months since he tested positive for testosterone, Landis has maintained his innocence in interviews with the media (newspapers and TV).

What are the benefits of using the web?  Well– people have access to it any time that they want compared to the other media outlets.  It is also allows Landis to post information and updates on a regular basis.  Landis is also tryng to be transparent and provide people with documents and “proof” that he is innocent.  What are the disadvantages?  Well, how can you tell that it is Landis who is posting all of this information?  Maybe it may be his publicist? 🙂  Unless people know how Landis writes, they may not really believe what is being said. 

My advice to Landis– if you online, have a blog to establish that as your way to communicate.  Be consistent with your statements and documents, and realize that this is a crisis– some people will believe you, but there will be some that don’t.  Things will never be like they were before the Tour de France.

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