If you have been teaching, working, or consulting in social media, you have definitely used the Conversation Prism as part of your PowerPoint slides, speaker decks, and even reports or academic articles (I have done this myself with my dissertation). We have been seeing a true evolution of what social media has become, and it seems like it is changing each and every day.

However, Ross Quintana and Brian Solis have come together with JESS3 and updated the Conversation Prism to its latest form: Conversation Prism 5.0!

As you can see here, there are a ton of new events and focus areas within social media. That’s what happens in a space that has new features, platforms, and trends happening pretty much on a daily basis. However, this graphic does a great job in providing an overview of the current landscape and what social media marketing professionals and educators.

You may be asking yourself – what has changed since the last version of the Conversation Prism. Here are some of the things you will notice right away from the past version to this latest version of the Conversation Prism:

  • You are still at the center of the focus, but you are surrounded by listening, engaging, learning, and co-creating (actual actions and behaviors you can do on social media). I like the fact co-create was added here, which is good to see here as a great addition to the mix.
  • Influence and social capital are here, but I like the fact resonance was added to the mix here as well. You want to be able to co-create content and experiences that resonate and make an impact on others.
  • Brand+Community+Persona = YOU. This should be the fundamental basis for what we teach in social media for personal branding. You can have a personal brand, but it is not complete unless you have a personality and a community to support it.
  • So many different segments, so little time. I thought the last Conversation Prism had a lot of different areas, but there are SO many more this time around. Not only do you have business networking and blogs, but you have new areas like Livestreaming (ex. Periscope, etc), Quantified Self  (ex. fitness aps), Nicheworking, and of course Content networking to name a few.
  • Many updated examples of current platforms that were not there the last time + update on their overall function in the social media space. This is a graphic that will serve social media professors well, especially if they are integrating this as part of their first lecture on social media, to show the landscape of social media. This allows students especially to see the wide range of platforms out there, but also where each of these platforms can be categorized based on function. It’s surprising to see the reactions when students realize Pinterest for example is classified in Social Curation as well as Social Commerce. Understanding how these platforms have evolved based on their function and community is important to note here.

The release of the latest version of the Conversation Prism 5.0 will be out on July 11th, but you can help in spreading the word by clicking on this link and share this with your network (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to make this the largest launch of the Conversation Prism yet!

Special thanks to Ross for allowing to get an insight into the new graphic. This will be a MUST have for social media marketers, students, and professors to add to their presentations and work. Congrats to Ross, Brian, and JESS3 on another exciting new graphic for the social media community!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,