State of social media education: Research published in JPRE

Social media education has become one of the main areas I not only conduct research in, but also discuss and present on at various conferences. I tell people I really kind of “fell into” this area of research and didn’t […]

Social media and sports lessons from the Heisman Trophy Campaigns

It is that time of year where we are finishing the semester and getting ready for the holidays. Yet, it is also the time for an important athletic event that happens every year around this time for college football: The […]

Embrace (rather than quit) social media

We have seen many articles written about why people need to be on social media for personal branding or for prospective jobs or internships, but an article passed by my newsfeed that got my attention. It read “Quit Social Media. […]

From influencer to distractor: Next steps to consider for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become such a key component in social media campaigns. Influencers are driving action from other key audiences for brands, initiatives, and even cause related campaigns.¬†Creators and influencers are becoming more mainstream as brands integrate them into their […]

Creativity is Truly Contagious for this PR professor: Reflections from EDUMax and Adobe Max

There are many words to describe the overall atmosphere I experienced this past week at the Adobe Max and EDUMax Conferences. Inspiring definitely comes to mind for sure. This was probably one of the most eye opening and truly exhilarating […]