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April 30, 2008

Last minute packing for Beijing!

Some Australian Plugs work in China, too!
Sometimes I think I over pack and over plan my trips.

I even leave with an ‘event folder’ that outlines everything I can and might do! Included are tickets, maps, contact information, reservation confirmations and just about everything I might need all stapled together for easy and quick reference.

When you travel, the electrical outlets are always going to be an issue and it is important to have the right adapters. It is also critical to have transformers to make sure the right voltage makes it from the source to your equipment. In China, electrical plugs provide 220 V 50 hz.

CHECK! I have the converters.

The next thing I needed was a “Sim Card” for my phone. I have a Motorola Razor that I placed a ‘South African” card for my last trip, this time I needed one for China. I discovered that I needed a card that would also work in Hong Kong. I won’t be in Hong Kong long, but I wanted to be able to let people know when I was there. I also needed a charger for my phone while I am here in America!

Well, I think I am finally ready!


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