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October 10, 2010

readings in social media and pr for october 10th 2010

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If you would like to see the complete survey, CLICK on the picture above!

“As well as looking good on your resume and netting you college credit, interning in social media can offer you incredibly valuable experience in the world of work, where social media experience is becoming ever-more important. However, competition for good placements can be fierce, so it’s good to know what companies look for in a social media intern, so you can focus on improving or highlighting those skills.”

“Job opportunities will be greatest for those with a high level of creativity, plus strong communications and computer skills, and those who quickly adapt to new media such as the Internet and social media.”

” The famous French chef has just launched his latest project, and its success or failure rides on Kadidiatou and her colleagues. But it isn’t a new restaurant or a luxury hotel – Ducasse is trying to change the lives of underprivileged women by teaching them how to cook.”

“We conducted the Twitter survey from August 25 to September 9, 2010. The survey was promoted primarily through NPR’s flagship Twitter accounts, including @nprnews and @nprpolitics, as well as several show accounts and staff accounts. A total of 12,227 respondents began the survey and 10,244 of them completed it. Among the respondents, 54% were women while 46% were men. And with a median age of 35, they also skewed younger than both NPR radio listeners (median age: 50) and NPR Facebook fans (median age: 40).”


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