'Reddened' Lamb!

Leave it to the Greek Cooks to have some fun ways to cook many interesting things, but trying to get their recipes
 is very much like prying the secrets from a Magician. It has been my experience that it is not what they tell you
 that causes you to scratch your head, it is what they have left out.

I would like to thank the chef's at Kokkari Estiatorio for inspiring me with their delicious Lamb Shank.
I wondered whether or not I could do something similar with an entire leg of lamb? Mine is different...
 but it takes me back! Thank you

Without the best ingredients, great culinary skill may not close the gap... I found my lamb at Superior Farms
and I have to say... it was without par! Utilizing fresh, quality ingredients is the best way to thank a
special guest or enhance a family gathering.

So I took some of the practices that I read were being used in preparing a lamb shank and adapted them for a
 larger project... an entire leg. The key is in the tenderizing of the lamb and I tend to use a variety of techniques: 1)
I use a set of skewers to punch small holes in the meat, 2) I make a nice rub that works on the meat overnight --
mostly infusing flavor and 3) I boil the meat in beer, herbs and spices for 2 hours or so to loosen it up nicely!

Here are the basics:

1) A nice Lamb Rub:
1/4 cup Greek Olive Oil
SPICES 1 tbsp each of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, allspice, cumin, nutmeg,
 mace and Pimenton (Spanish Paprika)... 2 tsp Cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon fennel

2) Refrigerate overnight

4) Sear the Lamb!

5) Simmer (boil) for 2 or more hours until
meat begins to cleave from the bone

Some folks like to simmer in a tomato sauce with various
 spices, others will add beer and an assortment of spices
that resemble a pickling mix

6) Place in a large baking pan (on a rack is nice)
and sauce your lamb

 I use a mixture of spices very similar
 to the rub, including: a can of tomato paste and
sauce and a  cup or so of honey

7) Bake a 375 for 45 minutes to an hour to glaze the lamb



     One has to think of Gus cooking his lamb on the front yard!

Many names and styles represent various cuts on the
     humble lamb

     setting out dill, rosemary and thyme
     searing the lamb in a pan of olive oil

     A little makeshift covering to all the lamb leg to be boiled
     yet vented.

             Some Honey, spices, herbs and tomato!

     After the lamb has been boiled for a couple of hours or so...
     and the meat starts to cleave from the bone, drain and
     remove the lamb, rack and apply your sauce


   Cover and refrigerate overnight, allowing the flavors to blend!

Since it is Thanksgiving, a few traditional vegetables...
and , of course, corn bread made its appearance.

You will never hear complaints about tough lamb
 again... every piece soft, tender, flavorful and delicious

                                          leftovers??? nope!


 I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did... Lamb is more Traditional at Easter...
but , for me... it was just fine!