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Cape Town
interns, Professor Lyn Boyd-Judson, and guides
Can you find me?
 Krudo, Ostrich, Crocodile,  & Springboek
Me & Sonata at Mama Africa's
---Looking just fabulous!

Mama Africa’s

There are many places to go in South Africa for food.  I have discovered this just in the past week I have been in Cape Town.  Whatever suits your fancy—Cape Town has it.  So far, I have had some great meals, and I just had another great experience at Mama Africa’s.  Our Internship class meets once a week, and we this week we went to Mama Africa’s for dinner.  It was so great!!!  I had this game dish, which had some of the main animals in South Africa:  crocodile, springboek, krudo, ostrich, and I think warthog.  It was quite tasty! J

This was also my first time taking a taxi in Cape Town.  Noah, Jackie, Stephaney, and I took one back from Mama Africa’s to our place at the Waterfront.  It was another experience for me. J



This week, I attended the Good
Food & Wine Convention with some of my Total Media team. Before
we all left the U.S., I acquired
three bottles of South African Wine
for our going away party! Everyone
had a great time!


Here are the chefs from the famous Cape Town restaurant "Forty Ate!" The name is a word play on of their location at 48 Hout Street.

We're going to have a "tasting" at the restaurant soon. I've gone on-line to check them out and I know it will be a fabulous experience! Can't wait!

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