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Monday, November27th, 2006

 this is the way it was... Southern California Trojans... scoring on offense, defense, special teams... virtually everywhere at will
 As you can see, there was only one side of Mr. Jarrett that Notre Dame could find all day.

Although the official statistics showed the game as a lot closer than the score indicated, our Trojans put the ball in the endzone, which I am told is how you win football games.

Southern California

Notre Dame 

USC vs. Notre Dame Game


This game had a lot on the line—this would be the game that would determine if USC goes to play Ohio State in the National Championships game!  And of course—who can forget last year’s thriller of a game?!!  Mom, Kristin, and I drove down Saturday morning to USC to get a great parking spot and wait for the game.  In the meantime,  we got some classic T-Shirts that read “Booty Call” for the USC Quarterback John David Booty.  Classic!!


Since we are in Los Angeles, the celebrities were out at the game as well!  Will Ferrell was in the crowd, and Andre 3000 performed with the USC marching band during halftime—very cool! J  What was the score—USC 44 ND 24—can we say 20 pts??!!!!  WOW—it was such a classic game!  I called Dad several times and he was watching the game too—it was such a great time!


   Here is the USC Marching band
  Our band is very entertaining and it
should be... our band director is one
of the best paid professionals on campus!


Mom’s Special Gift


As I have mentioned many times, Mom is a huge football fan—and
I wanted to do something nice for her.  She is a huge fan of Mike Garrett, who
is USC’s first Heisman winner and the current athletic director. 
What did I do? 

I bought a football and I got his autograph for Mom!  She was very
excited and she has already a place of honor for it!

Thank you Mr. Garrett for making me a hero!
J  Karen

  Everyone comes out to thank our
seniors for their great contribution
 to the Trojan Family!
  Everyone from every direction...
marching to support our Trojans!
 When Games end --- being on the
field is fun --- but explosive!


 Kristin is a great "Trojan-In-Training"


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