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Monday, November 13th, 2004

USC Trojans over Oregon!

35 - 10
                   (and it really wasn't even that close)


Homecoming Game vs. Oregon


Mom, Dad, and I went to the USC v. Oregon game this past weekend
—it was a lot of fun!  The Trojans beat the Ducks 35-10! 
Congrats guys!  Next week is Cal and then Notre Dame.  Kristin is
 coming to the ND game as well—so that will be a lot of fun!  Mom also got
 a chance to see and congratulate Pete Carroll back at
their hotel—that made her day! :)


  I couldn't help getting a picture of
this little guy-- he was so cute!

He was a good sport--his mom
said he had been getting his picture
taken all day!
 Here is one of our great boosters "SAM"
from the Golf Tournament we had earlier
this academic year!

He said --- it was the best ever!

I am glad I could help!


wanted to try to lose weight by myself, but working for the track department and eating with the other athletes was very tempting. After all, if I eat one plate and the football players have 4 or 5, then I must be okay? Right?


So, I signed up with portion control Jenny Craig and the results have been unbelievable! So stay tuned and see what happens!


 My 'special dinner" is taking
toooooo loooooong! We brought our entrees on campus and microwaved them in the cafeteria.

 Waiting is sooo hard to do!

 I am really proud of my mom.
She and I have joined together
at Jenny Craig and in less than one
week she has lost 6.5 pounds and I
 have lost 15!

(we know how Hammy feels!)

15 lbs down, more to go!


As I have mentioned on my blog, I have started a new diet.  Is it the diet of having all the doughnuts and steak you want?  Well, no!  I wish! Since I retired from track and field competition a few months ago—I knew that it was time to lose the thrower weight.  So last week, Mom and I went to Jenny Craig.  I knew that I was done with track and field competition, so I felt that it was time to lose the weight!

What is great about Jenny Craig is that it really shows you what a REAL serving is of food.  The problem I had was I was eating the right food—but my portions were huge!  I was still eating like a thrower—so this program was going to really work for me.  You buy your food directly through Jenny Craig each week and they measure your weight to keep track of your progress. 

In terms of the diet itself, I am on the 2300 plan.  Each week, we get a menu that says what we can have for each meal and it has other items that you can add as well (veggies, fruit, and dairy).  Most of the food takes a couple of minutes to cook, and they are quite tasty, if I may say so!  :)

It’s been the first week, and I have lost 15 lbs.  That shows you how much I have been eating!!!  Mom’s doing great as well—she has lost almost 7 lbs!!!  Congrats!  I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress!


 Here's Trojan Dad and me getting
ready for the big game!

Here's Dad's idea of a diet.

 Mom was amazed at the crowds of Trojans on campus! It was wall-to-wall cardinal and gold!

Mom and Dad both went off to shop at many of the booths. They ended up buying and donating to the Trojan snowboarding club, the Trojan Rugby Club and the Alumni Club!

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