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Announcement: T & F Graduate Assistant!

It was a great honor to be part of the
USC track and field team
last year.  I found out a few months ago that I could work with the track team
 this year as a graduate assistant.  I was very excited!  I knew that there would
 be a lot of work to do, but I was ready for it!

What are my duties exactly?  Well—I can’t tell you guys everything! :)  But I
 can say that I am working with all of the coaches on some things, and I
 also am helping Coach Lange out.  There are a lot of PR aspects in working
 with the track team, especially recruiting.  We have had a few students
 come on official visits, and I got a chance to talk to them about my
 experiences as a college athlete, since I have been at three colleges. :)
One recruit even said, “You’re the one with the purple suitcases!”
  I got a chance to write a series of journals on
Dyestat talking
about my recruiting trips in High School. 

Here is the link to "KAREN'S DIARY":


Me and Mom getting prepared for the BIG Game against BIG RED!!!!
See the RED guys? Lots of Nebraska
Fans... 300 fans with Nebraska
zip codes actually bought season
tickets... just to get this game!

Here I am practicing my
The campus was packed with Trojans!
it was a beautiful sight to see!
We found a great parking spot!
Not $50...Not $30... Not $20
....ONLY $4
sssshhhh... it's a secret!

It’s FOOTBALL time!

I would say that one of the happiest
people on Saturday was my Mom—she
LOVES football and she and Dad came down to LA for the football game
vs. Nebraska.  Dad was also really excited to take a tour of USC and see
 the track office. We got a car flag for the car—which looks pretty cool! 
You can tell from my parent’s car who they are cheering for!

The football game was a lot of fun—traffic was pretty intense.  I remember
even when I was at Florida, you couldn’t move your car with all the people
 coming to the game and all the tailgating!  The difference is, here at
USC—they have catered food and champagne!  Anyway, we got to the game
and we sat in our assigned seats—and we were surrounded by all this red
and white!  We were only a few USC fans around a ton of Nebraska fans! 
I saw a lot of corn hats—interesting!  Karla made a drawing that was really
cute that has the Nebraska corn hat—Karla is so talented in her artwork!

USC won 28-10, which was pretty neat!  They extended their home game
winning streak once again.  It was a lot of fun—there is nothing like a packed
stadium and everyone screaming so loud—what a great time!



My season tickets! and my
Identification tag for this year's golf tournament!
The marching band had their own picnic area near the student union... we sat in some chairs, had some refreshments and enjoyed a wonderful concert!

Riding around the stadium...
the view must have been fantastic!
The student section was extra small this year because of incredible alumni demand... there is even a waiting list for the bottom donor level... at $10,000 a year and that doesn't count the cost of the tickets! WOW... an 'SC degree means something when you can have so many donors like this!
A view a  couple of hours
prior to the game!

Our LOYAL students had to get
there early!
Standing room only during the game!

Whether winning or losing, Nebraska fans showed a lot of class.

Nebraska "Huskers" enjoying California
 sun and a BBQ before the game!

Nicest supporters I have met
Mom striking a pose!


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