In public relations, we strive to be all that we can be in both the classroom, in the business community, and now in the virtual world of social media.  Wherever you go, it appears that every public relations professional is getting on Facebook or Twitter to get noticed for their expertise and experience in working in the profession.  But the question is – how do you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd of thousands of Public Relations professionals?  There are several things that you would have to do, and first is to look around and see where people are going next for the latest in terms of information and technology.  It appears that everyone is going towards more mobile applications  so they can get their information on the go.  Whether it is information about the weather or traffic to breaking news or even information about what workout routine to do – the power is all at the fingertips of the person.  So, naturally – to be innovative and strategic, it would make sense for an influential public relations professional to have their own mobile application.  And yes, there is an application for that. 🙂

Brian Soliss iPhone Application (from, December 7, 2009)

Brian Solis's iPhone Application (from, December 7, 2009)

Recently, Brian Solis announced that his has his own iPhone application that is available for followers to download.  Other social media experts have also joined the mobile application bandwagon – and I imagine that more will follow.   In order to manage your presence online effectively, we as public relations professionals have to think outside the online and social media box of just being accessed on the Internet – and recognize more people are getting their information just from pushing a button on their iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, or other Smart phone.  Mobile technology is the wave of the future, and as public relations professionals and educators, we have to be aware of these trends and be able to communicate this effectively to our students.

So, if you want to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd, consider yourself a social media influencer, and want your followers to have a strong following, well then  – you need to have a personal mobile application!  As for me – well, I am not ready to have my own application yet! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great day!

Best Wishes,