Welcome to the future of television. I would like to talk to you all about a show that will be changing how you view talk shows, and how this could really open up doors for brands, professionals, and students to talk advantage of.

You may be asking yourself – what is the Never Settle Show? This show is pushing (well, let’s just say breaking!) the envelope on what a talk show can be. It’s all live and available for people to watch via live video. The host, Mario Armstrong, shares stories and features guests on how they have never settled and how they got to where they are at.

The creative twist to the show? The audience (you all online) get a chance to participate in deciding what is going to be covered on the show. This talk show is truly bringing in engagement

I first heard about the Never Settle Show from good friend and fellow social media professional, Chris Strub (if you are not following him or have purchased his amazing book – do so now!). Thank you SO much Chris and it was awesome to see you introduce Mario to the show.

I am really happy Chris told be about the show. I was able to watch the first live episode on Facebook, and I have to say – it was pretty awesome! They had a red carpet for everyone to walk on (guest and audience members!) and they had a lot of things going on from a band to a bar, and even a social media command center.  I have seen some talk shows in my day, and the energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly – the authenticity that comes from the show – really captures you.

I was also impressed with the integration across all social media channels. You had of course the show going live on Facebook, but they had Twitter updates, a Snapchat filter, and of course pictures they were sharing on the show from Instagram with the use of Tagboard (a great company and tool!)

Overall, I think Mario and his team have a really revolutionary show and I am looking forward to more episodes. In fact, I am going to encourage my students in my social media class next week to tune in (it’s perfect timing because we will be talking about future trends, and this is the future!).

I would also encourage my fellow professors who are teaching PR, social media, or really any media related classes to tune into the show. This is a game changer and one that is really exciting to witness online.

How could you get involved? Easy. The Never Settle Show airs Wednesdays at 7 pm EST and you can watch live. For professors, we have our students engage in Twitter chats, but this is an opportunity for them to be part of a TALK show and comment, react, and ask questions in real time? How cool is that?! This is definitely something I will be integrating in future classes for my students to show them the power of live video, storytelling, and overall social media engagement.

Congrats on a successful first show, Mario! Here’s to the future of television and talk shows. Keep up the amazing work!

Best Wishes,