I presented this past weekend at the Reputation Institute on a case study featuring Heineken.  I felt that it was important to go and see the Heineken Experience to understand what the brand means and the overall experience.  I took the tram from my hotel in Amsterdam to the Heineken Experience.  From the moment that I walked in, I felt very welcomed – the employees of the Heineken Experience were very friendly and happy with everyone.

UPDATE: experience it through my pictures!

The first couple of rooms focused on the history of Heineken and the Heineken family.  the middle part of the tour focused on the overall process in making the Heineken drink.  We got to go to stations where we saw the four ingredients of Heineken (water, barley, hops, and yeast) to the tasting room where we got to go through the process in thoroughly enjoying a Heineken drink.  I have to say, I really enjoyed mine!

Another activity that I thought was really neat was the Heineken ride.  You enter a room where you physically get to experience what it is like to make a Heineken drink.  In other words, if the screen shows that they are cooking the Heineken, then the room gets a little warm. Or if you are in the process where the Heineken is mixed with water – well, you get a little wet.  The platform in which you are standing on also moves along with the movie – so you feel like you are actually experiencing what it is like to be a Heineken in the making.  I have never done this before – but I thought that it was very cool and unique! 🙂

Overall, I was VERY impressed with the entire experience that I had at the Heineken Experience.  It was very informative and interactive – it really was a place where you could tell that the customers were treated like family.  It also shows why Heineken is always ranked high in their reputation globally – they are very innovative in their customer relations, marketing, and advertising practices.  I really enjoyed the interactivity where you were able to take pictures, movies, and even comment on future products through a touch screen station.  I have never been to such a place, and this was indeed one of the main highlights for me in Amsterdam.  So, if you are ever in Amsterdam, you have to go and see the Heineken Experience – it is indeed an experience that you will never forget.

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