It is indeed a good time to be a Cardinal! First we had a BCS win against one of my former schools (sorry Gator friends!), a National Championship win for the Men’s Basketball Team (very impressive), and now our baseball team is at the College World Series. Very fabulous!

With this in mind, social media for the University of Louisville has become an effective component of the brand DNA for the athletic department as well as the university. Social media serves at the real-time hub of information, dialogue, and stories while breaking down the barriers in time and location.

We have seen various social media command centers getting highlighted among various universities and athletic programs, but UofL has their own social media hub, which has been updated to be powered by Tagboard. Here’s the press release of the new launch.

What is Tagboard? It is a service that aggregates hashtags from across social media platforms. Not just Twitter and Instagram, but also Vine and Google+ as well. This is one service that really understands the need to monitor what people are using in terms of key words as part of their content creation across these various platforms.

Now with the recent news Facebook is now incorporating hashtags, this makes Tagboard an effective monitoring tool to not only embrace, but incorporate for brands, corporations, and even individuals in terms of their social media practices and strategies. Look at what UofL is doing with their #L1C4 hashtag for the 2013 College World Series. However, University of Washington was the first to use Tagboard as part of their social media strategy for their athletics teams back in 2012.

What I think is really cool about this particular social media hub is the fact not only is it visually appealing – but it is multi platform and cutting edge in terms of making sure it takes into account the various tools people are using to capture their own experiences, stories, and views from the game itself or watching the game from afar. With stories and shared experiences, this builds not only a sense of being at the game, but it also brings forth a sense of community which will be able to be sustained after the season has concluded.

Congratulations to the UofL Social Media Team for their efforts in providing a great hub of information and interactions for fans, followers, and community members on social media!

Hope you are all having a great day!

Best Wishes,